It all started with "The O.G." beard comb. I needed a beard comb for myself, and while doing some research, I saw a few different companies offering "Hand-crafted" combs. Upon further inspection, I noticed they were all cleanly cut (using a machine) to be exactly the same. 

That's what inspired me to go out into the woodshop and make my own. I couldn't decide on what kind of wood would work best, and then saw my old skateboard from a few years back sitting in the corner. Recycled skateboards are the perfect source for creating lightweight, sturdy beard combs. A few hours in the garage and "The O.G." was created. 

We take pride in turning "garbage" into a functional piece of art. Each comb starts its life as a broken skateboard and is shaped by hand in my shop located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.